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I was recently asked by my youngest stepchild, “what do you and Dad do for a job?” I wanted to say that we did something amazing so her classmates would be wowed with the story of how we make a difference in the world, but I didn’t!

The very same week I was asked to be a guest presenter at a huge hair and beauty event where I met a lady who asked me for some advice, she had been having treatment for cancer and her hair was getting her down. I sent her away with a hairdryer, a hair brush and some advice on how to blow dry her hair. The very next day a gentleman (her son) drove a very long way to meet me and say Thank You for what I had done for his mother, he said “she was a different woman, full of confidence in herself and her appearance”.

I was moved to tears, the realisation that I did do something that made such a difference set me on the road to creating the  ‘National Blow-dry Day’ campaign, firstly to remind all my hairdressing colleagues about the difference our advice and support makes to people, and to remind them to share our skills more. Secondly, hair, and looking good, is a massive morale booster, not only when women visit the salon, but also when they style their hair at home. On average women visit a salon 3 times a year, and I thought, “ wouldn’t it be great if the rest of the year women were empowered with the knowledge and tools to make their hair great each and every day!” and my other reason for creating ‘National Blow-dry day’ was to celebrate the humble hairdryer, without which no hairstyle is truly great, the hairdryer is the tool that creates the foundation of all great hairstyles, it is the true secret behind fabulous hair!


The campaign supports Macmillan, a very specific choice on my behalf as my husband is a cancer patient himself and this charity is incredibly important to both of us. You can find information about how you can take part at


Oh, and the story the youngest child can tell her classmates, it does have the ‘Wow’ factor, her family make products that make people feel beautiful, confident and ‘who they want to be’ whilst supporting Dad’s chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Take a look at the video below of our very special inspirational lady


Kala xx




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The blow dry is back and it’s bigger and bouncier than ever.



Are you fed up of the constant battle with your hair ever morning? Do you get stressed before an evening out because of unruly, flat and lifeless hair? Does it frustrate you how the hairdressers make it look so god dam easy to create big, bouncy locks? National Blow Dry day is the answer to all your hair prayers.

National Blow Dry Day will teach ordinary women how to create extraordinary hair, every day. So now there’s no excuse for not being able to achieve gorgeous hair once you’ve left the salon thanks to Bring back the Blow Dry campaign from EGO professional. At last, the education every woman wants and needs will be brought you on the high street, rather you having to take that necessary trip to the hairdressers.

The average woman visits the salon three times a year, so whilst she might love her hair for a few days in the year, what about the other 362 days when she needs to recreate the look at home?

Bring back the Blow Dry is a national campaign pioneered by hairdressing electrical masters EGO professional. The campaign has been created to raise support and awareness to women all over the country, even the world, who are need of some serious self-styling education. It will bridge the gap between the high street and home when 200 stylists (or EGOtists as we prefer to call them) provide all the hints, tips and stylist advice to help women recreate all the hard work their stylist has achieved when they’re at home.

Research has found that more than 49 million women across the globe, say that they want more body, volume and smoothness in their hair, and very month there are 676 million Google searches on ‘how to’ style hair. “The statistics talk for themselves and we’ve teamed up with high street giants Boots, whereby our EGOtists will bring professional skills to everyday women throughout the country in a bid to make the women of Britain understand their hair more,” says EGO’s co-founder and director, Kala Kilshaw Laing.

 To celebrate the big day, EGO will be holding a landmark event at Neville Hair & Beauty in Knightsbridge which will naturally be all about the blow dry. Members of the public, press and celebrities will all be invited to join in the fun, and proceeds made will be donated in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. “It’s a charity that’s very close to our hearts and we thought we’d make this an extra meaningful event by donating any money taken to Macmillan,” adds Kala.

Celebrate the blow dry today!

Get involved in National Blow Dry Day – Click to Download