Smart Ego Vs Market Competitor


The Test


Leading trichologist, Tony Maleedy, took six swatches of perfectly conditioned hair and split them into two groups, one used the Ego Professional Smart Ego, and another used a market competitor.


Hair was then dried using the Smart Ego and another market competitors hairdryer.


Each hair swatch was wet and dried 50 times using both dryers on full heat and full speed settings, to represent the use of the hair driers twice a week for six months.


After resting, two hundred hairs from each group were chosen at random and examined for any type of structural damage.


The hair swatches were also taken to the Department of Material Science at the University of Bath, then taken at random from the previously identified swatches, prepared and placed under a scanning electron microscope for examination.


The Facts

Based on these tests the damage to the hair from the Ego Smart hairdryer was only one third (32.75%) of that caused by the market competitors
Just 19% of the hair that was dried using the Ego Professional Smart Ego dryer showed signs of structural damage.
58% of the hair which was dried using the market competitors dryer showed signs of structural damage.
New research reveals that the hairdryer you use actually does make a difference to the condition of the hair.
The Smart Ego promotes temperature control and has now been proven to cause less damage to the hair than the market competitor.  

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