Co Founder of the ego PROFESSIONAL brand Kala Kilshaw, was the one of the original innovators behind “Tourmaline Technology”, which encompasses the properties of semi-precious stones to literally build condition and shine into the hair as it styles.

As a hairdresser for 28 yrs that has been designing professional styling appliances for nearly 15 years, Kala focusses on functionality that delivers kind, caring heat with amazing results. 

Kala says “Most women desire longer, stronger, healthier, faster growing hair and we are currently working on two types of very exciting new technologies. Harnessing and exploring the use of red light therapy is a priority, combined with the use of ionics & mineral infusion.  My wish is to improve haircare and condition as well as reduce the styling time needed to create beautiful hair. With the support of consultant Trichologists, Surgeons and numerous other industry experts, we are planning on making the science behind beautiful hair attainable”.